Founded in Egypt

25 Years of Experience Production

Friends was established in 2010 in Egypt.

Friends is a leading company in the field of planting, manufacturing and supplying herbs in Egypt and the Middle East and aims to expand its trade around the worldwide.

Why us:

 1- Trust.

2- Method of treatment.

3- Ability to understand customers.

Encouraging diversity, innovation and creativity.



2- ISO 9001:2015.

Consulting Service





Increasing the diversity of business to emphasize the company's reliability and increase its profits, which will lead to placing the company in the ranks of the largest companies at the local and global levels.


To direct attention towards the implementation of projects and services to clients with the highest quality standards and at the highest levels.


Trust - Quality - Professionalism - Transparency - Attention - Creativity - Superiority.


Community participation

Community participation:

Employment: It is one of the most important sources of economic development. The company employs individuals directly through the appointment of permanent employees or employees under contracts. Providing Resources and Procurement: Providing resources from companies located in the local communities may therefore lead to stimulating the economic development of the local community. Charity and investment in the local community. In general, this includes directing cash and resources to activities that stimulate job creation and income generation in the community, such as training to prepare for employment, provision of affordable housing, development and expansion of small businesses, economic recovery, investment in youth education or health promotion. for youth in the local community. Companies carry out these activities